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My Story

My name is Myong Wilson affectionately known as Peaches. I am the educated Wine Enthusiast and Food Artisan behind Tasty Peach Charcuterie.  I curate a customized food experience to ignite all of your senses while building a community that brings people together.  Food and wine are my passion, after creating my first charcuterie box, it became evident that this is my calling. Food like love requires passion, attention, and enthusiasm just to name a few. I decided to marry my love and passion for food and wine along with people and entertaining together. 


I believe Tasty Peach Charcuterie is an expression of who I am, so I only use the freshest ingredients to assure that each order is beautifully curated with Love

Beautiful People + Beautiful Food = 

A Magical Experience


Pairings Coming Soon

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